Saturday, 8 April 2017

15 Shawn Ng S1-07 Visual Text Analysis

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Picture source:
Image: A tourist in an airport dragging small luggage behind her, blood flows from the luggage as she walks.

This picture shows how purchasing exotic animal souvenirs can be harmful to the survival of its species, advising us to stop purchasing these exotic animal souvenirs.

Audience: The audience is the tourist who is unaware of how their purchasing of the exotic animal souvenirs could be harming their species.

Context: Exotic animals are hunted down to make souvenirs/collectables for tourist/collectors. This problem is causing the species that have been hunted to provide for the demand, making them endangered, and the only way to stop this is to stop the demand for the souvenirs.

Culture: Killing of endangering animals is generally not allowed, but despite the laws that have been placed up to protect these animals, people in their urge to make a living will break the laws for money. To make it worst, since tourist/collectors find some exotic animal souvenirs nice and do not know the harm it brings, the killing may not cease shortly.

Linguistic Features: The word that was picked are simple and efficient at passing the message to the viewer.

Textual Features: The words are white; a contrast to the darker flooring thus emphasising it while letting it not to be an eyesore or taking the viewer's attention too much.

Typographical Features: The logo that is shown at the bottom right of the picture can be related to the WWF cause, save animals.

Layout: The blood leading up to the lady creates a sense of movement. Causing the viewer to get attracted by the red path (blood), then when the viewer follows the red path (blood) in an attempt to find out what is the cause of the red path (blood), it would lead to the lady and her belongings (the luggage).

Colour: Red is the most dominant colour here. It gives me a sense of violence and entices the viewers to continue looking at the poster.

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