Thursday, 20 April 2017

Gan Lek Heng's Poem recitation

Here is the poem recitation for Matilda who told lies, and was burned to death

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  1. Hi Lek Heng, after hearing your poem recitation, here is what I think of it.
    I would give your pronunciation 2/4 because you are generally clear but some of the end consonants are not pronounced clearly, example 'Aunt', 'throw' and 'succeeded'.
    I would give your rhythm, pace and fluency 3/4 because you are mainly fluent but your rhythm and pace is constant most of the time.
    I would give your pitch and tone 3/4 because there are some lines that are a little monotonous.
    Some of your pauses were unnecessary but they were generally fine.
    As for your power I would give you 4/4.
    In total I will give you 15/20.