Monday, 10 April 2017

24 Yeo Teng Jun VT Analysis


Image: A person with a red ribbon imprinted into her face. And says: "I would be infected, but not affected."

This picture shows that you shouldn't be depressed when you have HIV/AIDS. Even though if you are infected with HIV, but you must not be affected and be positive to get on with life.

Audience: The audience is the HIV/AIDS infecotrs and family members of these patients.
Context: HIV/AIDS is a contagious disease and it can be spread to other people which will end up to become AIDS. These patients are afraid to do testing as it is painful and is a lengthy process that might take years.
Culture: One of the following diseases for HIV/AIDS was depression. The reason is because that think that HIV is incurable and wanted to think that "What is the point of doing this." This poster is to encourage these patients and other family members to encourage them to do tests and injections to improve their condition and prevent the virus from spreading.
Linguistic Features: The words are direct and straight to point to what is their message in the poster.
Textual Features: The words symbolises the urgency and deadly on how AIDS is.
Typographical Features:, The font looked creepy and liquidy. but the word "affected" was firm and strong, to represent the firmness and the resilience which can be used to tell the patients that they can get through this torturous period.
Layout: The girl which had a red ribbon imprinted on her face to represent she is HIV positive. But her expression looks calm as she is not affected, but feels positive about it.
Colour: Red is the most dominant colour here. It gives me a sense of violence and entices the viewers to continue looking at the poster and to read on

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